“Innovation Knowing and Doing Conference” Share Big Data Information

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 “Innovation Knowing and Doing Conference” (创新知行荟) was hold at Shenzhen Nanshan Book City at Sep. 1. This Conference was hosted by Nanshan District Technology Association, Zhongke Maker Institute and Shenzhen Zhongke Hongju Co., Ltd.


During the Conference, the President ZHANG Fan, from Shenzhen Institute of Beidou Applied Technology, gave the report named “The Application of Big Data in Intelligent Traffic”, introduced the App: “Youdian Bus”, which was the first Internet booking travel service products, and was cooperated by Chinese Academy of Science and Shenzhen Bus Group. He said Youdian Bus has the ability to use large data intelligence to analyze and plan lines, solve the lack of line capacity for conventional bus at rush hour, uneven frequency of arrival bus, unreasonable line setting and other problems. And it can understand the travel demand of the public through various Internet applications, use the Internet of things technology to provide real-time information query and travel plan recommendations, and distribution capacity according to demand.


ZHANG Fan expressed, Youdian Bus was formally launched at Sep. 22. 2016, until Aug. 2017, has the data covering 152 shifts in the morning and evening, average attendance rate of mature line is 66%, service averaged 3332 passages a day, averaged 2712 kilometers a day. September is expected to continue to open 40 advantages of the bus.


“Innovation Knowing and Doing Conference” invited various experts from international frontiers of science and technology around the robot, artificial intelligence, big data, bio medicine, high-end medical imaging industry, brain science, new materials, new energy and other strategic emerging industries, through lectures, round table dialogue, achievements exhibition, to convey the latest scientific research and industrial progress to the general public.


 President ZHANG Fan, from Shenzhen Institute of Beidou Applied Technology


 “Innovation Knowing and Doing Conference” (创新知行荟)