A New Nano Coatings Found to Have Excellent Anti-Fogging Abilities

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Scientists from Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIAT) are reporting development of a new anti-fog protective goggles, successfully developed nano coatings with anti-fog function which can be used in medical protective masks and goggles. 

In response to the needs of many medical units, Yu Xuefeng, Yang xingeng, Kang Yihong, etc. of Shenzhen Institute of advanced technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, successfully developed nano coatings with anti-fog functions such as medical protective masks and goggles through emergency research.  

This nano coating is a non-ionic surfactant independently developed by YU Xuefeng, YANG xingeng, KANG Yihong and colleagues, it can increase the adhesion and effective time by adding thickener. The anti-fog effect can last for 10 days in daily environment, solve a common problem for medical staff in the front line of epidemic prevention.  

The anti-fog protective goggles has been tested in related Shenzhen epidemic prevention hospitals, the results showed that after using the coating, doctors can wear protective clothing without fogging the goggles for more than five consecutive hours, which is very effective in helping the front-line medical staff to focus on and fight more safely. 

The anti-fog coating used a special molecular structure of non-ionic surfactant, one end is hydrophilic group, the other end is lipophilic group, the hydrophilic group adsorbs the water molecules in the air and reduces the surface tension, so as to reduce the contact angle of water on the glass surface, so that the water molecules will spread on the glass surface before the formation of small water droplets on the transparent surface, forming super Thin transparent nano film, prevent light scattering, thus play the role of anti-fog. 

Wettability refers to the spreading ability of liquid on solid surface, which is the core of many industrial technologies. The research of super wettability mainly includes super hydrophobicity, super hydrophilicity, and directional liquid transfer and so on. Ultra infiltration technology is widely used in many fields, such as electronic packaging, national defense, clothing, medical treatment, battery, and directional water collection. 

Materials Interfaces Center (MIC) of SIAT has accumulated rich research experience in material interface science research, and gradually developed various technologies such as glass antireflection / superhydrophobic nano coating, ceramic oil drainage nano coating, fabric nano waterproof coating, antibacterial and antiviral coating. These technologies are or will be in the medical, photovoltaic, automotive, sanitary ware, textile industry to reflect social and economic value. 

The research and test of long-term anti-fog nano coating has been completed, and the donation needs from hospitals in Hubei Province have been received. The research personnel are building an automatic canning production line in combination with Wuhan Advanced Technology Research Institute and will start to donate relevant products to many more hospitals in Hubei Province. 

The fogging effect of the coated glass (left side) is compared with that of the uncoated glass (right side).

Comparison of fogging effect between the coated goggles (right side) and the uncoated goggles (left side)


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