CAS President’s International Fellowship Initiative (PIFI) Plan-1

Date:19-07-2017   |   【Print】 【close

1-Title of the research project: Investigation of multi-objective optimal control strategy for energy management in electric vehicles 

SIAT Host: ZHENG Chunhua 

Korean Partner: Suk Won Cha, Ph.D 

Plan Duration: 3 months (Visiting Fellow) 


Cooperation Content: 

They investigate the energy management strategy for electric vehicles. Such electric vehicles include, but not limited to, hybrid electric vehicles (HEV’s), plug-in vehicles and fuel cell vehicles. Especially, multi-objective optimal control technique will be explored to consider several key issues in electric vehicles such as fuel efficiency, powertrain efficiency, battery durability and etc., simultaneously. Since typical optimal control process such as dynamic programming consumes huge computational resources, novel local optimization control schemes such as minimum principle will be explored.