CAS President’s International Fellowship Initiative (PIFI) Plan-4

Date:19-07-2017   |   【Print】 【close

4-Title of the research project: Decipher PAG intrinsic network role in shaping aversion state expression 

SIAT Host: WANG Liping 

French partner: Quentin Montardy 

Plan Duration: 2 years (Postdoctoral Fellow) 


Cooperation Content: 

Periacqueductual Gray (PAG) is a midbrain region viewed as the final downstream component of the emotional brain. It is involved in aversive disorders, a key element of pathologies such as Phobia or Panic. PAG is organized in concurrent longitudinal columns. Stimulation of dorsal and ventral columns triggers opposite behavioral state associated with motor and autonomic correlates. It is accepted that control of opposite functions by PAG is sustained by a rich interactive process between neighboring columns. But PAG micro-circuitry has been only partially identified and let its dynamic unrevealed. Efforts to decipher how the PAG recurrent network shapes behavioral and autonomic outputs became mandatory, and will shed a new light to understand expression of aversive behaviors. 

They propose to investigate PAG micro-circuitry by using a variety of technics such as immunofluorescence, electrophysiology, and especially free-moving optogenetics, pharmacogenetics and calcium-imaging.